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Knitted Wire Mesh Manufacturer and Supplier

HIGHTOP is a professional knitted wire mesh manufacturer and supplier from China. Knitted mesh is a sleeve structure of interlocking loops made by circular knitting machines similar to jumper and scarf machines. Mesh materials can be stainless steel, copper, aluminum, Monel, nickel and other alloys. We offer a variety of knitted wire mesh products, including knitted mesh fabric, knitted wire gasket, solid/compressed knitted wire gasket, knitted wire mesh tape, etc. The solid knitted wire gasket comes in various shapes to fit in with different uses, such as round, ring, square, rectangle, etc.

Knitted mesh has excellent shielding and filtering properties. As a wire mesh shielding, it is mainly used for EMI/RFI, such as panel gaskets, cable windings, etc. As a gas and liquid filter, it is mainly used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industrial fields. In addition, it can also serve applications such as silencers, shock absorbers, and sound insulation pads.

We have been focusing on the development and production of knitted mesh. Our knitted wire mesh available in various materials, shapes and sizes to serve a very wide range of industries. Looking forward to providing ideal solutions for your various projects.

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knitted wire mesh

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We provide knitted wire of various materials, diameters, sizes and shapes.

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