Knitted EMI Shielding Mesh

Every piece of electronic equipment emits and receives some form of electrical interference. One of the most effective materials against these electromagnetic waves is EMI shielding mesh, especially copper mesh. Knitted EMI mesh is a way to protect electronic equipment and technical systems from electromagnetic interference (EMI) damage.

Knitted EMI shielding mesh can be made of various materials, such as stainless steel, copper, Monel, nickel and other alloy metals. It can be made into knitted wire gasket. Knitted wire gaskets usually cover the woven wire mesh on foam, rubber or other elastic cores, allowing them to recover their shape after compression. It can be manufactured into different cross-sectional shapes such as circle, rectangle, round with tail and double round to suit different equipment.

Knitted EMI mesh can also be compressed into elastic high-density gaskets. It can shield electromagnetic waves by sealing the gap between the equipment and the machine. Higher mesh density provides better shielding performance. Generally, the compressed knitted wire mesh can be made into different shapes to suit different applications, such as round, square or rectangular.


Knitted EMI shielding mesh is widely used as shield nets for EMI/RFI shielding. It can be used for panel gaskets, door gaskets, cable windings, sealing rings and grounding buttons.

Knitted emi shielding mesh

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